Travel conditions for Vildmark i Värmland

Complete conditions is available here, but here under is a short summary:

When booking an event, accommodation etc., a confirmation and invoice is obtained with name of the booking and payment manager. Booking and payment manager will hereinafter be referred to as the guest. The guest has to be at least 18 years of age and he/she is obliged to provide Vildmark i Värmland with accurate booking and contact details. Any changes or cancellations must be made by the guest. The confirmation invoice is the agreement between the guest and Vildmark i Värmland. It should include the products and/or services that was reserved, time/place for the arrangements start/finish together with other eventual conditions agreed by Vildmark i Värmland in connection with the reservation. Guests who are booking are responsible of reviewing the confirmation invoice, and pointing out any possible errors. NOTE! At least two adults/raft is required when doing a timber raft trip. The contract is confirmed when the guest pays the amount determined by the confirmation invoice to Vildmark i Värmland within the specified time. Online booking can be made up until 5 days prior to arrival.

Payment by invoice
If reservation occurred via Vildmark i Värmlands booking form online at, or via e-mail or phone, a registration fee at 20% of the total price is to be paid within 10 days after booking. Always state booking number when paying. The booking is contracted when Vildmark i Värmland has received the registration fee. Remaining amount is to be paid within 30 days prior to arrival. The guest pays to Vildmark i Värmlands bank account. If the booking is made within 30 days of desired arrival date the full amount is charged at once.

Payment by credit card
The booking is contracted when the payment is completed, given that the booking fulfils the particular conditions for respective product. Otherwise the guest is contacted so that it can be corrected. Payment of online booking can be engaged via credit card (VISA or MasterCard).

Cancellation is to be made by the guest to Vildmark i Värmlands office, via phone at 0560-140 40 (if the office isn't open, leave a message to the answering machine), via fax at 0560-130 68, or via e-mail at
When cancelling 31 days prior to arrival or earlier a handling charge of 150 SEK/adult and 75 SEK/child is debited. When cancelling between 30 and 15 days prior to arrival, an additional 15% of the bookings total are debited. When cancelling within 14 days to 72 hours before arrival, an additional 50% of the bookings total are debited. If cancelled within 72 hours before arrival, the full amount is charged.

Booking alteration
Modification of date is considered a cancellation and will be treated as one. Please note that if a cancellation insurance has been signed in connection with the booking, an exchange of dates within the current season can be made without additional fees if this is done by the guest at or before 15 days prior to arrival, in subject to availability. Other alterations of the reservation such as adding people or products can be done (if such a service is available). Please contact Vildmark i Värmland via e-mail or phone.

Cancellation insurance
When booking, cancellation insurance can be signed. This is personal and will protect the guest from cancellation fees if an arrangement is cancelled due to one of the following reasons:
a) Severe disease, accident or case of death that affect the guest, a close relative to the guest, or if the person travelling with the guest has cancelled due to one of the reasons given above.
b) Other unpredictable incident that affects the guest of such magnitude that the guest could not attend the reserved event, such as a fire accident in the home.
The guest may either receive the full amount paid back minus the handling charge (150 SEK/adult & 75 SEK/child) and the cancellation insurance cost (160 SEK/adult & 80 SEK/child), or the proposition of rendering the same or similar journey with Vildmark i Värmland at another given time (the next season at the latest, however this does not imply on single travelers that are part of a group). Certificate from doctor or Insurance Company has to be presented within 10 days after the cancellation was made. The certificate has to indicate why the guest should not attend the booked journey.

At conference and group orders, special booking conditions will be applied. For more information please contact Vildmark i Värmland. We reserve the right to legal changes and price changes that are beyond our control.

We wish you a pleasant natural experience!